Auto Intender Reach - Suzuki

This case study demonstrates that our Auto Intender Reach product is successful at driving awareness and consideration amongst an in-market audience. 

Intenders are consumers that are looking to make their car purchase within the next month. They have been active on carsales searching for cars, reading editorial articles, and are starting to submit enquiries on vehicles.

They’ve built their consideration set, but still have 3-4 brands on their radar, and so the opportunity to influence them remains high as they compare the cars on their short list in order to pick ‘the one’. 

Our Intender Reach product targets this audience with standard display units across desktop, mobile, tablet and App, on-network through the carsales auto network, and off network through our partnership with Audience 360.

Results has shown a 72% uplift in Swift’s share of searches for light/small passenger car and 33% uplift in Swift’s share of ‘detailed page views’ for near new light/ small car.



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