What is a Product Beta Partner?

Updated: 14-November-2017

All new products released by carsales media, OEM and corporate division (MOC) from 2016 onward undergo client beta-testing before they become available as general releases for all clients.

This ensures the product:

  • is technically stable and works as intended
  • has 'market fit' both in design and pricing/client-value
  • works to achieve the client outcomes with measurable results.

Clients who participate as beta partners must:

  • be experimental (results aren't guaranteed)
  • be innovative, and like a 'media first'
  • be flexible with timelines
  • allow us to publish results as case studies 
  • receive discounted investment for the solution as exchange for taking risks.

Products currently in beta include:

  • Retention/Recall Programs
  • In-Feed Video
  • Pre-Launch Registration
  • Addressible Audiences
  • Hold Now/Buy Now

Products that graduated from beta to operational in 2017 include:

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