High Impact Case Study - KIA Sportage (2017)





  • Increase consumer engagement through a native approach
  • Create high reach awareness for brands looking to connect with a relevant and engaged audience



  • High Impact – new Homepage Buyout format on carsales
  • Ownership of the hero image, interactive strip ad & MREC
  • First 3 impacts across the network



  • Model view share increased by up to 53% 2 days post buyout for exposed users
  • Brand view share increased up to 19% 2 days post buyout for exposed users
  • Brand halo effect with consumers 20% more likely to view a new car within the week post exposure
  • Increased competitive consideration of up to 52% vs day prior
  • Influenced consumers' immediate post-exposure action with an increase of 17% in brand searches from the homepage
  • 4x increase in model traffic to new car showroom on the buyout date


Source: carsales internal data 2017

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